Thai Pride

Bangkok Café


At what point do you stop saying, “Happy New Year!” in a really insincere fashion to people? At the time of writing, it’s only the second day of ‘two-thousand-fourteen’ but already we’re feeling a sense of repetition up here in the EATCardiff Zeppelin. But Happy New Year all the same, readers! Thanks for not drinking yourselves into a coma and taking the time out to read about a destination we reached over the Christmas period. Continue reading




The recent turfing-up of Cardiff’s ‘second street’ (it’s always been number two to Queen Street) will undoubtedly do St. Mary Street’s businesses a world of good. What was once a crumbling, ageing and near desperate-looking part of Cardiff, which culminated in the sale of the legendary Howells department store and the multitude of ‘convenience’ stores like Tesco and Spar, in addition to the closing of staple nightclub venues Liquid and Life; this part of town was facing oblivion. As the Hayes received a breath of new life and Queen Street surviving the St David’s 2 shopping development, you’d be forgiven for believing there is now little reason to step foot on St. Mary Street. Continue reading

“A sandwich so big, it broke my fork…”


Located in the heart of High Street Arcade in Cardiff city centre (next to the Burger King opposite the castle), New York Deli aims to bring fresh American sandwiches to hungry Cardiffians. Upon first look at their menu, which contains Hoagie rolls, Sandwiches, Bagels, Toasties, Hot Dogs, Burgers, Salads and a plethora of sauces, we were at a complete loss as to what to select, so decided to base our review on visits over three consecutive days. Continue reading

A La La La La La La Tasca


It’s 7.30 on a Friday evening and one half of the EAT Cardiff team is hungry. Without any reservations we thought finding a decent fill at this hour in Wales’ capital would prove difficult. Luckily, the weather was on our side and it seemed everyone had stayed at home to avoid the sub-zero temperatures so as we strolled through the Brewery Quarter there was only one establishment that seemed to have any life inside of it. Enter La Tasca, a Spanish tapas restaurant, for those wondering. Continue reading

Service Without A Smile


Formally Thyme Out, the Wild Blackberry delicatessen took over from where the former left off, supplying the locals of Dinas Powys with very decent, moderate-to-high-priced lunchtime nibbles in a rustic, old-fashioned atmosphere. It was the place of choice for lunch after a round at Dinas Powys Golf Club (yeah, we’re posh, play golf and enjoy cheese and port regularly at EAT Cardiff), so we were thankful it changed hands rather than closed outright. Continue reading

Curry In A Hurry


Having worked in the restaurant, pub and retail trade for two years you learn a lot about the weather. Not in the sense that you know when it’s going to rain next, but definitely in the sense when you know trade is coming your way. Wave after wave.

Depending on where your business is, a restaurant or pub will be pushed to its limits when the giant ball of gas in the sky has donned its hat, but it’s quite the opposite with takeaways – the worse the weather the worse it is for the guy behind the counter struggling to wade through a tsunami of orders from increasingly unforgivable, miserable customers who think ‘supply and demand’ are intimate, mutual lovers. Anyone who’s worked in a retail environment would have felt the searing pain that Miah’s, the first choice for Bangladeshi cuisine in Dinas Powys, a modest town just a five-mile drive from Cardiff, felt as the snow pelted down yesterday. Continue reading