Clubbed to Chef


If you’ve been reading our reviews since the beginning of EATCardiff, you might have noticed a pattern by now. We don’t talk about the eating part of our dining experiences in much detail. At all. Yes, it’s an admission after some recent feedback, but we have our primary reason, and we’d like to think we’re not alone. Continue reading


Memoirs of a #FatBast

Our last McRib, crica 2002. Sniff

Our last McRib, crica 2002. Sniff

There once was a time, a time when pork ruled the fast food kingdom.  It was a ‘limited time only’ as the corporates would say, but it was a glorious four weeks, where we ‘pigged out’ on swineburgers like a sweaty Adam Richman to a food challenge. Continue reading

Lupa Landings



Traditionally, Canton is locally famous for its quintessential ‘spit ‘n’ sawdust’ watering holes, its cultural diversity and home of the real ‘Kaaaiiirdiff’ accent. These days, it’s getting smarter, having seen a fair amount of cash spent on the area, despite how often we’re told the country is in bigger financial ruin than Blockbuster (‘R.I.P. in peace’, as our internet friends would say). We’d argue alternative cinema destination Chapter Arts Centre can be held partially responsible for the area’s uplift. What was once an almost ‘exclusive’ destination for real cinema enthusiasts now boasts an equally culturally diverse bar, with a huge range of beer from the Americas to the Far East – that’s almost 303 car hours, if it was possible to drive from one end to the other, fact fans! Continue reading

Wilkommen in Kardiff



Firstly, we must confess, this post should have been published back at Christmas. Unfortunately, various life and work-related matters stifled our ability to press ‘publish’ at the appropriate time, leaving it to gather dust. So, what we propose is that before you read this, pretend you’ve built a time machine, and you’re testing it by ‘only’ setting your co-ordinates back in time for just over a month. And because you’re wondering if it really can be Christmas every day. Do that, and this write-up will make sense, but if that doesn’t convince you, please bear in mind there are only 338 Christmas shopping days remaining. Let that be a warning.

“We’re all friends now”, said a concussed Basil Fawlty in the immortal ‘The Germans’ episode of Fawlty Towers. It’s that time again (for Christmas, not war; although there’s always time for war, it seems), Cardiff Christmas Market is back and is as vibrant as ever. Continue reading

A Knight To Remember



As natives of the Welsh capital, we’ve been struck hard in the face by the wooden bat of reality that while we pine to visit foreign lands to enrich our lives, drink their alcohol and play golf, there is a whole array of fulfilling experiences right on EATCardiff HQ’s doorstep that we criminally take for granted. We admit to having not taken in the picturesque geography of the Brecon Beacons, travelled the dramatic coastline around Wales’ exterior, nor have we appreciated the truly historical nature of a castle in a city. But we have been to Barry Island to play Quasar a few times (credit where credit’s due, eh?) Continue reading

Back On The Horse


Hello again.

There’s no explanation for our void in content over the past six months, other than trying to sort our lives out becoming too much of a priority. It appears that we became blog mutes, which is as useless as a bird cage without the cage bit when writing a blog is supposed to be your forté. We’ve had a bit of an ear-bashing from ‘our fans’ over the months, and resorted to micro-blogging over on our Twitter page (see the tab at the top? Click the Twitter one to see what you’re missing out on in your daily lives) in an attempt to add PVA glue to paper over cracks bigger than McCaulay Culkin’s drug ‘use’ (seen Home Alone on TV yet?). Alas, we’re back, and we’ve visited yet another lovely venue to purposely get our backs up. Continue reading