EAT Disclaimer

Please take into consideration that all views published here are based on our perception of our visit, and in no way seek to reflect anyone else’s preconceptions of any business.

Our honesty stems from our drive to seek improvements in the food we eat. Times are tough, and we believe the customer deserves the very best in quality and service wherever they decide to spend their cash. We may use exaggerated humour to express our opinions, which is all in the name of good humour and creative writing.

We want pub chains and restaurants to deliver what they promise, and independents to thrive among the giants. Eating everywhere is a noble mission, but someone’s got to do it.

Please feel free to leave any comments you may have once we’ve spilled – everyone’s entitled to an opinion.

All photographs that feature here belong to us or are kindly donated by Google. If any images conflict with copyright law, we will address them accordingly, just let us know.


Angry? Annoyed? Amused? Tell us how wrong we are.

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