New York Deli-ght


Size doesn’t matter. Yes, it does. We’re back at New York Deli after being so impressed with it, and because it was lunch time, we were hungry and nowhere else in town quite matches what you can get in the High Street Arcade for a fiver.

Lacking experience at NYD can result in being a little puzzling on entering, where it lists ‘hoagies’, ‘grinders’ and these Polish items called ‘bagels’. Nevertheless, you should know what a deli is (we hope!), but this is different because it is actually good. With various ingredients sourced from both Wales and our Yankee cousins, they combine to create the perfect lovechild, every time (no, NYD aren’t paying us to write this)!

As usual, we were welcomed by the pleasant staff, who are always looking to please. After pondering (see what we did there?) over the menu, we opted for the Sausage Sub; a blend of spicy, thick and top quality Italian sausage, their excellent Mexican Sauce, infused with French’s addictive American mustard, then packed with as much salad filling as physically possible.

With the size of the task, on handing over our easily-earned cash, we were advised to take a seat in anticipation of its arrival. In no more time than it takes so hammer out a text message, our care package had arrived; encased in foil and deposited in the subtle-yet-essential American-style brown paper bag. With one napkin!

Even if you know what you’re getting, you can’t deny that it’s surprising every time you unveil your sandwich. It was about the size of your average WWE wrestler’s forearm – for £4.90 we’d happily don lycra and roll around in a homoerotic fashion to get a bite.

Getting a bite, however, is the key issue at NY Deli. There are more combinations of flavours in each Grinder than you can pull off in a Mortal Kombat fatality. It’s that exciting to look at and taste. Trouble is, unless you have a gob like Russell Brand, you’ll struggle to get the full extent of the flavours it offers.

They are superb though. The soft roll soaks up all the juices from our sausage as it slips about in our hands (damn our dirty minds!); be warned, a bib is highly recommended for avalanching ingredients. You’ll do well to consume the roll in its entirety, as a few of our gherkins/pickles took involuntary leaps from our lap.

The spiced sausage has that density that ensures quality, while the sauces amalgamate perfectly to please all taste buds. The salad shouldn’t be underestimated either, where it’s freshness makes it easy to plough through. Its imperfection is what makes it such an oxymoron of a sandwich, the shameless part about it is that we could eat two of them!

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